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The Bartholomew House: A Rising Artists Studio Residency Program

Inspired by an artist who had an extensive body of work which was created while dwelling in a group home, Journey Allen began to dream up ways that they could offer him support. She began to consider how many others within his age bracket were facing similar issues,  and the vision for The Bartholomew House was born. With plans to pilot the the shared studio space component of the program in  Fall of 2020, The Bartholomew House will offer accommodations to rising artist in need of work space, materials, and creative connectivity.

With a focus on the creative wellness of aspiring artists of African, Latino and  Indigenous descent, The Bartholomew House Rising Artists Studio Residency Program intends to serve visual artists ages 18-25 who are local to New Orleans but are either enduring temporary residential conditions, facing financial hardship, or experiencing a dysfunctional home environment that has become a hindrance to their creative process. At the center of the program’s foundation is bringing healing to the commonly overlooked repercussions that minority youth encounter as they rise beyond the often traumatic educational culture that is rooted in the plight of the “school-to-prison pipeline.” With a vision to provide housing and meals to qualified applicants in the future, this stage of the program offers (6) rising artists a chance to embrace their creative practice fully-equipped with the materials that they need along with an opportunity to work diligently with minimal distractions. They will also develop a skill set that will strengthen their ability to earn income both during and following this creative opportunity which will help them to combat challenges many artists have faced during this period of COVID19. 

Assistance includes:
• Access to Artist Journey Allen Studios for artistic expression and creative experimentation + WiFi (Tu-Sa 10AM-7PM)
• Materials
• Professional development series led by expert local artists of varying skill-sets
• Hands-On Digital Marketing Seminar
• Engagement with art based organizations
• Group Exhibition & Marketplace
• (2) 30-day RTA Bus Passes

COVID19 contingencies: Digital artist meet-n-greets, virtual professional development, limited patron studio visits by appointment only, virtual exhibitions, and online market sales.

The Bartholomew House

Focusing on the creative wellness of aspiring artists of  African Descent, Latino Heritage, and the Indigenous Peoples.

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