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COVID 19 Studio Guidelines

Our painting studio is now open for private paint parties. Call to ask about the availability for groups of 4-15 guests.  


Social distancing must be practiced and masks must be worn by all guests.  
Thank You!

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Meet Journey Allen

Local artist Journey Allen is native to the land of New Orleans which is the inspiration for her vibrant works that intertwine her signature abstract pattern with images that capture the city's celebratory culture.


With a gallery-studio space operating after her namesake in the heart of the Historic 7th Ward Neighborhood where she grew up, Artist Journey Allen embraces a life of community and creativity that defies the odds of a college professor who once told her that she was "unteachable" and "could never learn to paint well enough to become a professional artist."


With these words at the foundation of her path, Journey sources light from this narrative and uses it as a means of empowerment through her work with the youth that she encounters as an arts educator throughout her creative practice.

"This is a great place for a girls' night, which is what we had. Journey was very patient and helpful. She was a great instructor who encouraged creativity and putting our own twist on our work. She also offers children classes. I definitely will look to booking another painting session, in the future."
-Lisa M.
New Orleans, LA

The BEIGNET BABIES in Mama Lorraine's Magical French Quarter Bakery

A Children's Book Written & Illustrated by

Artist Journey Allen

Set in the heart of New Orleans, this fairy tale captures the essence of the charming city as it follows the journey of Mama Lorraine Daveraux who owns a bakery in the heart of the French Quarters. When faced with the decision to close her bakery doors for good, Mama Lo visits her dear friend Grandpa Elliott who gives her a measure of enchanted sugar. When used as he suggests, the magic potion brings forth tiny baby bakers, the BEIGNET BABIES™️, who arrive to save the day.

Behind the scenes of "Mama Lorraine's Magical French Quarter Bakery"

with author and illustrator, Artist Journey Allen


Anxious to begin at the center of the magic, I sought to draw the scene that captured the essence of the fairytale, "The Beignet Babies in Mama Lorraine's Magical French Quarter Bakery." At the time (2013), I was not awakened to the need to address the presence of symbols of white supremacy that have been present across our country's landscape, particularly the longstanding confederate statures that are a current topic of debate in the face of them being dismantled. Prior to printing (2020) I collaborated with the book's project designer to insert a digital image of "Take 'Em Down" posters before the world renown statue of Andrew Jackson. Jackson was not only the 7th president of the united states who is also celebrated as the general who led his troops to the victory of The Battle of New Orleans in 1815, but he also owned 150 enslaved Africans at the time of his death. Therefore, the insert not only speaks to my values as an African American whose ancestors endured and overcame the soul wrenching evil of slavery, but it also authentically catalogs history for readers who take notice of this intricate detail. 

Mama Lo And Nanny Side By Side.jpg

Side by side comparison of an image of the illustrator's aunt, Carol Scott, and the lead character, Mama Lorraine Davereaux, who is made in her likeness. "My aunt looked most like my late Mama Raine (grandmother Lorraine Allen) when I first began the illustrations," said Journey Allen. "We had a great time wandering around the French Quarters collecting images for the illustrations." 

Ma & Hilda.jpg

This side by side illustration comparison shows Journey Allen's mother, Hereatha Allen, modeling along with her sister for the character of Mama Lo's good friend Hilda, who is named after Journey's great aunt, Hilda Bone.

Grandpa Illustration Collage.jpg

Another beloved New Orleans native who graces the pages of this New Orleans fairytale is Grandpa Elliott Small. Also a close friend and community member of Journey Allen, Grandpa Elliott is a world renown street musician whose angelic harmonica has summoned visitors and residents alike to the French Quarters where he once performed daily on Royal Street. Despite the lost of his sight, Grandpa gave Journey specific instructions on how to portray his image. "Draw me with one lens in and the other one out and put me on the cover," he instructed. "That way people will definitely know that it's me and they will want to buy your book." The artist laughs warmly at his instructions to be placed on the cover of the book but satisfied his request with a coin sized image of his featured illustration. Journey played the audiobook for Mr. Smalls who also did the voice over for the fairy godfather character made after his likeness.  He smiled and  gave a pleased review of the overall project. 

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Our Private Paint Parties are a great way to get together with your friends, family or co-workers.


Our studio can currently accommodate up to 9 guests as we adhere to social distancing guidelines in response to the COVID19 pandemic. All painting supplies included. BYOB. BYOSnacks.

Please call (504)400-7224 to reserve the date for your private event.

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